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Life is precious. Life is also full. It seems like  the more full life is, even when it’s full of things we enjoy, the less precious it is. We spend so much of our lives doing things…staying busy…that we don’t stop to smell the roses.

With the internet, and web 2.0 tools, we have taken this to a whole new level. We spend so much time communicating the mundane events of our lives to 400 facebook friends and posting pictures for all the world to see, that we don’t take the time to adequately communicate with the people we are closest to: our families. We’re too busy to spend quality time with our loved ones, yet we keep creating more things to be busy with.

So I am streamlining my life, in order to make it more full. You could say I’m joining the “Slow Movement”, which is all about slowing down life in order to maintain deeper connections. Very Buddhist, it seems to me. This will include (among many things) giving up homebrewing, cutting down on Facebook time, and yes, ending my blog. At least for a while.

You folks have been amazing, and I am very glad you have chosen to follow my ramblings, but it’s time to stop writing about life and start living it again.

And if you don’t understand the title of this post, you seriously need to read up on your Douglas Adams.


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I’m sorry. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, and I sincerely apologize to the three or four readers who faithfully follow this blog. I last wrote about three weeks ago, at the beginning of a two-week road trip. Two weeks is a long time to be on the road. It was great to see family and friends, and have a few wondrous adventures, but it’s good to be back home in MA as well. So here follow, in delightful bullet-points, a few highlights from the past three weeks:

Gauntlet #1 as of 7/2/10

  • Strasburg, PA–The Choo-Choo Barn. Huge, elaborate indoor model train display. There was so much going on, from trains, to parades, to a circus, to an Amish barn-raising (we were in the heart of Amish country after all). They even had a house fire complete with little toy firefighters arriving on the scene to put it out. If you’re ever in the middle of PA and looking for something to do other than stare at cornfields, I highly recommend this.
  • Rock Hill, SC–The in-laws. I think I wrote almost enough about it in my previous post. What I didn’t mention is the invasion of the nieces and nephews. At one point we had 6 kids in the house. Nice times, but crazy.
  • Columbia, SC–The Dam Reunion. Much as I love my family, this was what really brought me to SC, the Pressure-Cooker of America, in June/July (not my favorite time to be so far south). A bit of an alternative to the traditional class reunion, in which a bunch of us who were closest during high school just got together at the Lake Murray Dam recreational area to enjoy each other’s company. Many of us hadn’t seen each other in 20 years, and we all needed the time to just have a little fun and share memories. Much joy and happiness!!
  • Charleston, SC–My Family. I love visiting my mom’s house because not only do I get to hang with her, but my sister and her son always camp out there for the week as well. My nephew is a riot! 4 years old and silly as can be. This is where I got the most knitting done. LOTS of progress on gauntlet #1 as we sat and talked, hung out, goofed off, etc. Also took a side-trip to Knit: a lovely yarn store in the heart of downtown Charleston. While it may not have the most original name, it was a really cool store. Their knitting group was going on and I, male knitter visiting from Boston, became an instant celebrity. Very cool! Even cooler was finding some Malabrigo sock yarn mis-priced at $10 per skein (the rest was marked at $21). Score!!

  • Pageland, SC–Family in a Different Way. For those who don’t know, I am on my second marriage. My first wife and I parted ways (actually, I did the parting) 14 years ago and the hardest thing about leaving was saying goodbye to her wonderful family. I hadn’t seen her mother, father (who has since passed on), grandmother, sister, or brother in a very long time. But thanks to the miracle of Facebook, I have reconnected with my old family. I love these folks deeply. When I walked into Linda Hansen’s house on July 4th, I felt like I was coming home again. She and I always had a special bond, and it was so incredible to find that bond again. Much laughter and tears.
  • Kittrell, NC–The Zoo. My sister-in-law (Sherry) and her husband (Pat) have 4 children. Add my 2 children and myself, and you have a grand total of 7 people with a below-12 mentality all under one roof. We had fun, but it was loud. I also probably still have toothmarks in my tongue from biting it while hearing Pat complain about the injury to his manhood from having to drive a minivan (I just kept happily knitting away during this conversation).
  • HOME! It was good to get back into my own bed. That is, until my wife decided we needed to reconfigure the entire house the DAY AFTER WE GOT BACK. I’m glad we did, because it resulted in moving our bedroom to an air-conditioned room, but I really didn’t like moving half of our furniture the day after a major road trip.

So there you have it. I have had a fun, adventurous summer so far, and now I will hopefully get to have even more fun and adventures. I promise I WILL blog more frequently now.

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