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This week was a vacation week, which for most people means several days of irresponsible bliss but for me meant putting finishing touches on my school production of Fiddler on the Roof Jr. that opens next week. Yes, there were social engagements, but a lot of it was work that could be done guilt-free due to my lovable daughters spending the week with their mom up in Maine.

Today we met halfway between our two places of residence for the kid hand-off, but it didn’t quite go as planned thanks to Meg’s right index finger having a close encounter with a slamming car door. Here we are in the parking lot of L.L. Bean in Freeport, ME for a joyous reunion between father and daughters and we end up in the emergency room in Brunswick. By the way, we loved the folks at Parkside hospital in Brunswick…nicest hospital staff I’ve ever seen.

Once we got out of there we stopped by my favorite restaurant in Freeport, Gritty’s brewpub. Good food, great beer, ’nuff said. Now I knew that there was some knit-spin-crochet fiber extravaganza going on in Freeport this weekend (and I had SO wanted to go, but had too much going on) sponsored by the New England Textile Arts Network. As we stood waiting for our table and I was doing some work on the February sock from my self-imposed sock club,  I ended up talking with some ladies who were lamenting that they hadn’t brought their knitting along. They were lovely people, as knitters generally are.

Once at the table I made a little game of trying to figure out who was there for the knit-spin weekend and noticed a few people knitting while waiting for their food (as I was) and several others wearing nice hand-knit scarves and hats. I was surrounded by the best kind of people–fiber-freaks.

As I was getting my check I was approached by a funky lady with pink hair that I had noticed earlier with a group of knitters, and she asked me what I had been working on. I had apparently been a topic of conversation and the subject of a dare at their table:

“Who’s that dude knitting?” “I didn’t see him around this weekend.” “Go talk to him.” “No, I’m not gonna.” “I dare you to.” This was my impression of the basic gist of the conversation.

It was kind of a special thing to be in a restaurant and not be the only one knitting. Tonight I got a glimpse of how fabulous life could be if more people were knitters. It felt so good to be surrounded by these wonderful people.


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I know…

…that I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s a foregone conclusion during school musical season that this will be the case. We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming after the musical. In the meantime, if you live here in the Greater Boston area and want to see an amazing show come see Fiddler on the Roof Jr. at Parker Middle School in Reading during the first weekend of March. Details and ticket info. can be found at http://parkermusical.wikispaces.com/. I’m the director so it WILL be a good show.

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