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My family just checked out a really cool video game from our local library today. As so many families do, we have a Nintendo Wii. Earlier today I was tempted to chuck the damn thing out the window because my kids were arguing over game-related idiocy and being sore losers but after a bit of a cool-down period (and a vow to never let them play another game against each other again) we went to the library and picked up our requested copy of Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

This game is brilliant! The premise is that famous Nintendo character Kirby has been magically transformed, by some evil dude of some sort, into a character made of yarn. Apparently the aforementioned evil dude has done this with a lot of folks in the game.

Though I haven’t played it yet I have gotten to see my younger daughter play for a bit and it’s really cool to see a video game that totally revolves around one of my favorite things…YARN! This is even cooler than the Moo-Cow Race on Wii Play in which everything is knitted.

Whenever I see yarn make its way to other media I just get all warm and fuzzy inside. Okay, time to get into a little yarn action of my own with my daughter’s cardigan-in-progress.


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After one failed attempt at picking up stitches for the sleeve cap I was really concerned. Actually, more like terrified. This fabulous sweater for my even more fabulous daughter got put on the back burner for a while because of this fear, but it’s back on the needles again and feeling much better now.

While on a recent trip to Maine I found myself with plenty of time to knit on this sweater, and so one morning I just buckled down and made it happen. I’m not quite done picking up the sleeve cap stitches, but I’m most of the way through them and feeling really good about it. I love that the sleeve on this sweater continues with some of the really cool cabling throughout the body.

The first tendency, the way I’ve always done sweaters, would be to go ahead and finish this sleeve before picking up the stitches for the other one. I have two good reasons, however, to go ahead and pick up the other sleeve cap stitches first:

1. Since this is such an altered version of the original (not in outcome but in how it’s knitted up) I feel the overwhelming need to pick up the other sleeve cap before moving on to the sleeve. I don’t fully trust myself to remember exactly what my notes mean in a couple more weeks.

2. A dear friend recently gave me the FABULOUS gift of a SECOND SET of Knit Picks’ Zephyr Acrylic Interchangeable Needles. This is perfect, because it means I can keep the first sleeve on the needles while working the second one. None of this business of removing tips and transferring them back and forth for me, baby!

The smoothness and beauty of my second attempt on the sleeve cap really made this week feel very good all around, and I hope the second one goes just as smoothly. Joy!

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Breaking the Silence

I know, I know…I’ve neglected all of my faithful readers (sorry, Mom). Has it really been more than a month? Anyway, I’m back for at least a little while. Life has been a bit crazy, as it always is at the end of a school year, but it’ll be a bit more calm now that another year is in the books. I’ll take this opportunity to briefly catch you up on what has been going on since my May 22nd post:

  1. Began Edwardian Boating Socks by Emma Haigh using Lillian 100% Merino sock yarn by Dirty Water Dyeworks in the Potluck colorway.
  2. Frogged 6″ into the first sock because there was no way this sock cuff would fit over my heel unless I was magically transformed into an 8-year-old. Switched from size 1 to size 2 needles and cast on again.
  3. Frogged again because I just wasn’t enjoying knitting this pattern. Very cool looking sock, but not a fun process for me.
  4. Began Snape’s Stockings by Erica Lueder using the same yarn. I think I have a keeper!  I adore the kind of checkerboard of contrasting stitch patterns, cleverly obscured by the variegated yarn, a very nice parallel to the character of Severus Snape.
  5. Work has continued on the the Cassidy cardigan I’m making for Megs. I am still in love with the fantabulous cabling on this thing, and got it to the point of being a lovely vest.
  6. Stopped working on Cassidy out of fear. Let me explain. I hate sewing sweaters together, so any time I knit one that requires knitting in pieces and sewing together, I convert to knitting in the round. This normally works fine, but this means reversing the direction I knit the sleeves, as well as picking up the sleeve stitches gradually from shoulder to pit in order to get the same angle that the pattern calls for. My head hurts just thinking about it.
  7. Attempted to pick up sleeve stitches. Frogged after 11 rows because of ugly lumps and holes. Ugh.
  8. Began pondering the possibility of permanently keeping this project as a vest.

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