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Last night I finished a pair of socks, so naturally today I cast on another. I will not disclose the pattern or the yarn of the socks in question because, well, I’m afraid that the person I’m knitting them for as a Christmas gift will read this blog post…the Christmas season does start early for us knitters!

I will at least mention that the socks are another Cookie A design, whose nonstandard, innovative way of looking at socks explains why the ribbing is kinda’ different. Not obscenely different in a weird, sadistic, it’s-a-good-thing-Cookie-is-0n-the-other-side-of-the-country-so-I-can’t-stab-her-with-my-needles kind of way. It’s a simple six-stitch pattern: K1 P1 K2 P2.

My older daughter and I have been recently listening to a lot of Muse, particularly their classic Showbiz album. As I work this slightly nonstandard rib, the chorus to the song below keeps playing in my head. If you’re a knitter, close your eyes as the chorus plays and just drink in the cadence of the rib pattern. You may not totally get it. Maybe I’m completely nuts. Just try it.

K1 P1 K2 P2


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Currently I am unable to update my blog at home due to the unfortunate event of my computer crashing. I went to log on two Sundays ago and the blasted thing wouldn’t boot up. Some infernal I/O error or something. Anyway, this means I’m out of commission on the blog until I get my computer back. How, you may ask, am I writing this? School computer. I don’t usually do much personal on the school computer (or professional on the personal computer) because I just can’t flip that switch in my mind.

In knitting news, though, I will proudly say that I am done with “Snape’s Socks” except kitchenering (is that even a word?) the toe of sock #2 and am very close to being done with the sleeves on the Cassidy cardigan for my daughter. All that’s left then is the hood and button bands, which should go very quickly (I hope). I won’t make the target of being done by her birthday this Saturday, but it’ll be a close one.

Whenever my computer is back (thank GOD it’s still under warranty) I will be back on here more regularly. Until then, brief updates only.
Good night, everybody!

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