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Random Sick Day

I’m at home feeling crappy, so I think a nice dose of random is in order.

1. The colorful leaves and cooler temperatures make autumn my favorite time of year.

2. The yucky sicky-ness that can come from those cooler temps take a little of the charm out of autumn. Just a little.

3. I have 2 Netflix movies and one from the library that I haven’t had time to watch. I guess a sick day is a good day to do that.

4. My kid found 3 wild turkeys in our yard the other day when she came home, then proceeded to film them for about 10 minutes which are unexciting to the viewer (the turkeys weren’t doing much) but made her day fantastic!

5. I cheated and only watched about 2 minutes of the unexciting turkey invasion video.

6. A friend at knitting group last night told me about a turkey restaurant in NH that is supposedly really good…Hart’s Turkey Farm and Restaurant. May have to check them out some time.

7. After realizing that they weren’t the semi-mindless knitting project I wanted, 2 days ago I ripped out the socks I was working on and started a different pair.

8. Why did I think a Cookie A pattern would be even remotely mindless?

9. I guess while I’m watching the movies I have sitting around maybe I could pick up and knit button bands for the Cassidy sweater I’ve been working on since what seems like the dawn of time.

10. I think it’s time to go back to sleep.


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