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A Sweater At Last!!!

First off, making an adult-sized sweater is a long process. Period. It has to be a very fun sweater to knit in order to be a worthwhile time investment. Thankfully, Cassidy by Bonne Marie Burns is just such a project. The cables became absolutely addictive, and the color chosen by my daughter got a plethora of compliments throughout the process. There’s great complexity to the particular teal yarn used in this cardigan, giving it a depth you don’t always find in a solid-colored project.

Added to the equation is that this particular adult-sized sweater was for my 13-year-old daughter. The fact that my little girl needs an adult-sized sweater is a little disconcerting for her daddy. Then there’s the fact that the only other major cable project that I’d done was for her–the gauntlets I’d made from Cookie A’s “Bex” sock design–and she only wore them a small handful of times. Needless to say, I told her throughout the months-long process that she had better wear this sweater a lot!

After finishing the cardigan it seemed just a tad small…enter the joyous process of blocking. I’ve never been a fan of blocking (why can’t it just be perfect right off the needles?), but I was able to stretch it to the point that it fit snugly enough to fit under a coat, yet loosely enough to be able to comfortably wear over any of her usual shirts. I think I am starting to see the value in this process.

Now that it’s done and the zipper is sewn in (the original pattern calls for buttons) I have found that she actually does wear it…and wears it well. Check out the pics to see what I mean.


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