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I’ve given a lot of thought in my 5 years as a knitter to the hardly insignificant issue of appreciation. As a knitter it is wonderful to have an appreciative “giftee” around who truly loves receiving knitted loveliness from you. We all have them, and they are often easy to find. However, we also all have people in our lives who put on a badly faked smile while enduring the token try-on and say “wow…this is just what I have always wanted,” while really thinking, “Really? Doesn’t he know that you can buy socks for 2 bucks at Wal-Mart?”

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My girlfriend Michelle is a knitter’s dream. She proudly wears and shows off anything that I make for her. She loves that her boyfriend knits cool stuff for her, and that in turn makes me incredibly happy. In this pic she’s wearing a lace scarf that I knit her over the summer and a pair of cabled gloves I designed for her that include conductive thread so that she can use her iPhone without getting her fingers cold. She totally geeked out over both gifts, and that fuels my knitting addiction in joyous ways.

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My younger daughter is another one who has shown her appreciation time and time again. Here she’s sporting her Christmas gauntlets that she loves dearly and wears often. She also has a sweater that she rarely is seen without…an item I had knit for her rapidly-growing big sister who outgrew it before it was finished.

I have had some knitting projects go unused by the people for whom they were knit. I still occasionally think about the co-worker who emailed the staff enough pictures to make a grandmother want to vomit, and yet I never once saw the baby blanket that I’d spent 2 months knitting for said baby. Trust me, I was looking. A lot. At every picture she sent.

Now I do understand that hand-knitted garments aren’t for everyone (though in my biased opinion they should be). I don’t stop knitting for “newbies” out of fear that they will never wear the item that I invested my time and energy in. Not all knitwear will be hits, but those that are, like the socks I knit for my friend Georgia, will make it all worthwhile. 2 months later, she’s still raving about those socks.


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Yesterday was a wonderful gift. The school I teach in had a day off for snow, while my offspring had to go to school. This means I had a day free and clear, with nothing already scheduled and nobody to take care of but me. This is one of the few perks of teaching an hour northwest of where I live…this isn’t the first time such wonderment has occurred.

Here’s my snow day to-do list:

1. Take a hot, relaxing bath. CHECK!

2. Watch this week’s episode of my grandest addiction, Downton Abbey. CHECK! I have such a crush on Lady Mary.

3. Shampoo the living room carpet, whose nastiness was revealed to me two weeks ago by significantly lighter spots left behind after spot-cleaning some dog yack. CHECK! Even moved the recliner and shampooed under it.



4. Super glue the little glass cat my daughter’s friend asked her to repair. CHECK!


5. Bake yummy deliciousness that completely counteracts my running. CHECK!



6. complete the base layer of the awesome Bearded Viking Helmet I’m knitting. CHECK!


Sometimes you need a day to just get shit done. For me, yesterday was that day.


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