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Last week there was a professional development day for teachers in my district. This means kids got a day off and teachers didn’t. I usually look at professional days with considerably less sense of “ugh” than many teachers because I view them as good knitting days. Having finished a sock last night I vowed to make some serious headway on sock #2 while meeting with all of the other visual and performing arts teachers in my district to discuss assessment, evaluation, and other such fun and exciting topics.

After greeting some colleagues the meeting was about to start so I reflexively reached for my knitting bag to pull out the yarn I’d made sure to place in there earlier this morning. My heart sank with the sudden realization that I had left my needles at home!! Nooooooo!! When I finished sock #1 I had left the needles sitting on my end table.

The day’s plans were shot. The one thing I have to keep my sanity and focus during long meetings was gone. I spent some time on my phone looking for yarn stores close by, thinking maybe I could go out and buy some needles during lunch, but the closest one was at least 15 minutes away, and we had a stupid working lunch. I had to do something!  My old pre-knitting pastime of  doodling took over.

To say that I was miserable that day is an understatement. I was experiencing terribly intense miserablishness. I’ve gotten so used to relying on my beloved yarn and needles during a meeting, but this time I couldn’t. I had just been talking to my daughter that morning about my hope of knitting half a sock during the day’s meetings, and it ended up being a day wasted.

Since that fateful day I have now gotten to the heel flap of the sock, which I can’t show pics of yet in case the friend I’m giving it to reads this blog. I have a day off today and hopefully some time this week that I can finish it and move on to another of the bajillion projects I have in the queue.


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